Alan Smith

Profile Updated: March 26, 2013
Residing In: Burbank, CA USA
Spouse/Partner: Sue J. Smith
Children: Nathan Howard Smith
School Story:

Well, there was the time late one night that myself and some cronies literally lifted a Volkswagon beetle onto the covered walkway and deposited it right smack at the door to the administration office building...and left it there...amid wavings of flashlights and hollerings by (guards?) whomever officials happened to be on the premises.
I seem to remember it was a very close call, but I made good my escape, just in the nick of time.
Just remembered a couple more details. It was "I", IN the car, so I must've been steering while it was rolling on it's way up the inclined sidewalk toward the admin front door by the rest of the crew,
The drama came when I tried to bail out, COULD'T FIND the door handle/release in the dark...unfamiliar car (who's WAS it anyway?, I'm right now wondering)...and omigosh, here they were, bearing down on us...the guys with the flashlights whooping and yelling, mentioned above.
Heart-stopping, adrenalin pumping panic!
(Good times!)

What have you been doing since Since you Retired?

Assembling the ideas, materials, thoughtwork and so on, to catalyze nothing less than a truy notable (and historic) raising of the 'collective consciousness' through music and vision.

How many careers have you had in your adult life? Did you have a favorite or most rewarding?

About three or four that provided cash-flow.
Several more that didn't or haven't...yet.

What career did you always want to try but never did?

Worldwide known Rock Star.

What are you most nostalgic about from your Tempe High School years?

Great question.
Mostly, the friendships.

Favorite Music, Then and Now?

All music...
...long as it's well produced, played...and can evoke genuine emotion.

Favorite Movie(s), Then and Now?

"Dr. Strangelove"
"Being John Malcovich"
"Forbidden Planet"
...oh, the list is endless, too varied, and I'd only have more pop up later anyway. Not to speak of changing my mind.

Here's an idea -- it says it all...they're ALL our favorites:
...from a recent eBay auction...
...where we're selling all our 'physical' DVDs since they can be archived to hard drive.

What teachers stand out most from those Tempe High School days? Why?

Mr. Yates --English)
Mr. McLellan ("Bugsy") --Biology
Ms. Craig --Math
...and as above, I'll just think of more after it's to late to fill this out.

What would you like to share about what you've learned from life the past years since Tempe High School?

There is a 'Real' reality that, sorrowfully, not many of us get to experience, but instead, a kind of illusion that keeps trying to make itself 'work'...and that it's seductive, cunning, baffling and powerful.
Fortunately we get to have as many runs at it as it takes to emerge out the other side.

Are there any embarrassing moments that you are interested in sharing? Strictly optional.

I'll have to think about that one.
S'gotta be one or many.

Who is that "one person" you would like to see and talk with from your days at Tempe High? Why?

My very good buddy Mark Viksjo, with whom I parted company one night on a street in Hollywood, CA., for quite immature and petty reasons.

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Alan & Sue Smith: Photo by Nick Purcell, 2010