Robert A. "Al" Boze

Profile Updated: February 21, 2021
Residing In: Murrieta, CA USA
Children: Tracy, born 1970; Steven, born 1975
Military Service: Army National Guard, Louisiana  
School Story:

New Orleans P.A. Capdau Jr. High.
Phoenix- High School briefly
Tempe - Tempe Union High
Tempe - ASU
N.O, La. - Loyola Univ.
Lafayette, La. - USL ( Univ. of Southwestern Louisiana )

What have you been doing since Since you Retired?

Wife Pat and I moved from Vista, Ca to Murrieta, Ca into a Senior Apt. Complex to be closer to our daughter, Tracy, her husband and our grandchildren, Rachel and Jack. This was our first time; in ourr 54 years of marriage; that we've lived in an apartment I always planned on owning our homes but "Dang" this apt. living is "great" 'No longer have to pay repair bills or repair anything, as we used to.' Hahaha {{ We're both loving being able to have full control of our retirement time }} We have enjoyed many road trips { mainly in Ca. } even made a few to Las Vegas to catch some shows and drop a few coins in those money sucking machines. hahaha. Today is Feb-22nd and Pat and I have been in Covid Lockdown since Jan.5th. We're both well now and ready to break out. We're ready for hugs once again..( Thank you Lord )

How many careers have you had in your adult life? Did you have a favorite or most rewarding?

Wow, let's see now...Okay, when i graduated from Tempe High I attended ASU for a couple of years then my family moved back to our hometown, New Orleans where I attended Loyola University for a while then USL in Lafayette, La. Left there. I worked for Boeing, at Michoud, in purchasing, as a Buyer of gears for the Saturn 5 Booster which was being built there. My wife, Pat, worked at the facility as an executive secretary and we first met there. We dated one time only. I joined Army Nat'l. Guard; went to Army basic training in Ft. Polk, La. for 6 months and upon returning asked Pat out and our dating wound up with us at the Altar.Our daughter ,Tracy was born in N.O. Worked at my Dad's furniture store for a few years. Pat, Tracy and I sold our home. Took a month long road trip and in late Dec. we wound up in Vista, Ca. {Pat 5 mos. pregnant} Steve born Apr. '75
I worked as a draftsman/digitizer for San Diego Gas @ Electric in San Diego till retirement at age 62 ...

What career did you always want to try but never did?

Commercial Artist; but advised that best places to pursue that particular career would Dallas and New York. Now I know why I said-"Hell No", haha Somehow I must have known Texas would hit "single" digit Temperatures
and here in California still trying to get signatures to get Newsom Impeached or Recalled. Never wanted to even see New York let alone reside in a state whose Governor is even worst than California's. We're prepared to make the move to Mars if and when they find it's habitable.
Hahaha :-)

What are you most nostalgic about from your Tempe High School years?

Friends, fellow students and weekend dances

Favorite Music, Then and Now?

Then - tunes to be able to dance to and understand words.

Now - old tunes on/from YouTube

{{ Prefer music that you can understand the words. }}

Favorite Movie(s), Then and Now?

Not a big Movie Goer but do recall movie everyone went to in Scottsdale after Graduation; "Gone With The Wind". Imagine that one was chosen to keep students occupied for most of the remaining evening. Attended the
Graduation movie with fellow schoolmate, Brenda Gordon who I'd been dating at that time. The Gordon's moved to Tucson and when we left Tempe for New Orleans stopped to tell Brenda and her family goodbye.
Wow... This "vintaging" old mind is actually remembering things from bygone days...Kudos Al

Favorite T.V. Program(s), Then and Now?

Then: Just a few: Bonanza; Dragnet; Roy Rogers; Fury; ( you name; we probably saw it / at least once

Just a few 'Nows':
Chicago shows: Meds, PD, Fire | Wheel of Fortune | Blue Blue | Station 19 | The Resident | Good Dr. | Magnum P. I. | NCIS | FBI | AGT | NCIS | NCIS N.O. | The Wall | lots more including Netflix and Hulu Movies

What teachers stand out most from those Tempe High School days? Why?

Cannot remember his name; but one male teacher I had would walk around the classroom as he talked and you could see the top 2" of his "Flask" sticking out one of his back pockets..Wish he would have shared because his class was really boring. hahahaha

What would you like to share about what you've learned from life the past years since Tempe High School?

Life is what you make it, but not without bumps along the way. Try hard to always think positive and never stop smiling till you croak.
Play Quizzes and games {online also } to help keep your mind a thinkin'

Are there any embarrassing moments that you are interested in sharing? Strictly optional.

Fell backwards and hit the floor as I was leaving a slot machine at Harrah's. {Fell back into the aisle between the slots and the poker tables At least 25 to 30 people surrounded me, pulling up my shirt and t-shirt checking out my blood pressure, check breathing, applying pressure to areas asking if this or that hurt. The whole time all this was going on some gentleman had slipped his hand under my head and held it just off floor. After trying to convince everyone I was okay I was finally allowed to get up { seemed like I was there for 7 hours but Pat said it was only about 5 to 10 minutes. hahaha So after thanking everyone around me I sat at a slot out of everyone's view and just look directly into the slot screen. Grrrrr :-(

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Paul and I were in the same Biology Class and we were teamed up to do a disection of a cat to find placement of organs, etc. When our teacher first informed us that Paul and I would be sharing the disection I immediately felt relieved thinking to myself "What Luck" I've been teamed up with one of smartest guys in the school and I just know he'll want to do the disecting. "NOT" sad. He turned to me and said "Al I cannot do that cutting up of a cat and will you please do that part ?? " Dang it I sure wasn't prepared to hear that but after a little back and forth talk I wound up as the butcher.sad. {{ Whew me no likey butchering }} Anyhow after a bit Paul was right in there { literally } RIP Paul, I enjoyed knowing and working with you. You're in Good Hands now my friend, Al Boze

PS: Paul and I had the only pregnant cat in the class....surprisesurprisesurprise



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Happy Birthday Meg. Wishing you and yours good health and much happiness.. Friends forever, Al

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Thoughts of Penny and the Biology Class chuckles and funtimes will always make me smile. Rest In Peace Sweet Penny and hopefully when we meet again we'll perhaps be able to all enjoy a  "Class Reunion" on top a cloud. {{ But don't rush me okay }} Till then just know you're thought of.

Your Classmate Friend Foreversmiley, Al Boze

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Hi Meg, Al Boze here; remember me? I signed up with the yearbook site and have been exploring all it's features and was real surprised to see all my schoolmates from way back when. Gosh, it was kinda depressing to see so many of our classmates have already gone on to the Great Beyond. May they all Rest In Peace. Gonna try to add a photo of my mug
as it looks today; 'sans hair' hahaha. If you may be interested in corresponding at all just drop me a text and then maybe we can fell in all the blanks between 1961 and 2019. Hope to hear from you Meg. Take care and hello with best wishes to all your family. As ever, Al B.

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Hi Linda, Remember me? Hope so. Gosh I can hardly believe how the years have zipped by.
I recall we dated once, you and your family were living on the very outskirts of ASU I recall.
After a couple of years at ASU my whole family moved back to our hometown; New Orleans where I met my wife Pat and our daughter, Tracy was born there in '70. We moved out to Vista, Ca in '75 and in same year our son, Steven was born. Sometime during all that time I managed to lose all my hair. hahaha. I see you're retired to Carefree, Az and I hope all is good for you now and you're enjoying Good Health and Retirement. Enough of my rambling. Hope you'll see my text and perhaps drop me a text also. As Ever, Al Boze

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