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12/14/12 02:50 PM #14    


Chuck Holly

Merry Christmas to all class of 1961 Buffs !!

It's been more than a year since that 50th reunion.  Our Tempe61 website is still "alive and well".

I hope more of us will add to our profiles.  I think it's fun learning more about each other, now that we are older and wiser.  Well, older. 

07/01/13 01:58 PM #15    

Alan Smith

Hello Class of '61--

Just dropping a note...after steadfastly resisting Social Networking since --circa its inception <;-)) --  I have otherwise now "updated my pictures" --and condescended to go Full Monty on same. The value of these channels is only immense, and I'd be foolish to stand on ceremony when I have so much more to share (b4...well, you know).

If you've a mind to take a little ride pls visit me here:

( )

and/or here...

( )

If nothing else, it keeps us off the streets.

Love'n'Cheers --Dion (Alan & Palladin) Smith


07/30/13 01:47 PM #16    


Danyel (Dan) Clark

Both Pete Wood and Chuck Holly advised of a new book by Tempe local author Sally Cole. The book, available in paperback is titled Alligators in the Baby Pool. The following information and order information can be found on Amazon Books. (Aligators in the Baby Pool )

It looks like a nice read for your time at the "Beach" or around the pool.

Publication Date: May 17, 2013

Tempe Beach was an Olympic-sized swimming pool, built in 1923 on the land between First Street and the river bottom in Tempe, Arizona. In the thirties two national swim meets were held there, attracting stars from the Olympic Games. Generations of Tempeans learned to swim there, came of age there, and often first met their spouses there or in the park where people picnicked, skated or played ball under the lights. It was a green, idyllic space for the Anglo settlers of old Tempe, but for its Mexican-American citizens the pool was off limits until 1946 when three hometown WWII veterans— Danny Rodriguez, Genero Martinez, and Raymond Terminal—won a bitter fight to integrate the pool. After that, Tempe Beach was a summer site for all. There were swim and dive teams, Beach-hosted AAU meets, and dibble-dabble games along the deep-end deck. There was a cobble-stone bath house, a snack bar, and a jukebox that played non-stop. In its forty-year existence there was one drowning, one shooting— and, yes, one morning there really were alligators in the baby pool.

Aligators in the Baby Pool

07/30/13 02:22 PM #17    


John Ellingson

Thank you Dan for your effort to keep us all connected.

Onward and Upward!

John Ellingson


12/17/13 09:09 AM #18    

Pete Wood

Merry Christmas everyone.  This year I decided I don't need to make any more resolutions since I don't work for Uncle Sam any more:)

Pete Wood


12/17/13 10:07 AM #19    


John Ellingson

Pete now that you've left the employ on the Fed, are things there going to get better or worse?

Merry Christmas to all and best wishes in the new year!

John E.

12/17/13 10:14 AM #20    


John Ellingson

Thank you Dan for your personal time and effort to keep us all connected via a traffic and easy to use web site.

Again, remind us how we can support the cause.  Thanks again.

John E.

02/19/15 10:52 AM #21    


Ralph Bell

Thanks Dave

I delivered the Tempe Daily News to Carr Mortuary and remember most vividly collecting from the "Carr brothers" and the anxiousness I felt when walking into the office... luckily I never stumbled onto any of their deceased customers... I'm not sure if I met Patty Carr, but I will happily read her "Secrets from the Pink Chair." 


04/01/15 06:27 PM #22    


John Radcliffe

Guest Book page for Mr. Knoche :


04/01/15 06:31 PM #23    


John Radcliffe


08/03/15 04:05 AM #24    

Ed Pinckert

Thank you, Dan Clark, for having me enjoy the activities of the "Class of '61."  My teaching experience at

Tempe High School for 32 years was a great joy, and I still remember many names associated with your

class.   I would like to thank you and John Ellingson for remembering my upcoming birthday on August 11.

Yes the Good Lord has looked after me with the longevity that I have enjoyed.  Special Best Wishes to

the "Class of '61."




08/04/15 03:34 AM #25    

Pete Wood

Happy Birthday Ed.  Great to see you posting on here! Best wishes to you,  Pete Wood




01/18/16 01:31 PM #26    


Eldon Smith

Attention All ASU Students   Mark your calendar for Monday and Tuesday, May 9-10 2016 for a celebration of your Golden Reunion. 
If you were a student in the mid 60's, you may want to celebrate a Golden Reunion with the Class of 1966. Some students initially in the class of 1965 graduated early or in later years due to military service or other reasons.
The celebration and tours will be held on the ASU main campus (Old Main)  except for being special guests for the graduation ceremony with the ASU undergraduates at Chase Field.
You can fill out an interest form on a website to receive more information   
Or for questions you may contact   Tonya Gray, Alumni Coordinator     480-965-0093     or Traci Nicksic   480-965-5207    or   Eldon Smith  480-968-5338

01/25/16 03:44 AM #27    

Pete Wood

To my classmates:  We on the East Coast are still digging out from under the biggest snow dump of the past 100 years.  If I knew how, I would post a couple of photos.  Today I'm flying to Fla. to join my teammates in Ft. Myers in the annual Ponce De Leon spring traininf baseball tournament.  They shifted me from CF to LF a couple years ago, when someone claimed I had lost a step or two when chasing flyballs!  As Satchell Paige once said "keep running, the bad guys might be gaining on you."  Well, maybe that wasn't exactly what Satch said, but I think you get the idea:)))))

Pete (El Surdo)


09/30/18 08:54 PM #28    


Chuck Holly

Not much has been written for nearly 2 1/2 years.  Hope everyone is well and probably so busy that they can't find the time. Lets energize this website.  Did you know there is some sort of website offering you to write something of your rememberances of Tempe?  I'll have to go back to my emails ( or Facebook to see how I happened upon it.  I'll check it out and get back to you.

10/01/18 03:51 AM #29    

Pete Wood

Hi Chuck.  Yep, it has been a while.  I hope to see many classmates at the upcoming coffee on Oct. 25.  

10/01/18 08:16 AM #30    


Louise Bonenberger (Snell)

Alive and still able to kick in NM although not able to target shoot. RA is progressing to where I can't hold the gun but enjoy watching my husband and being outdoors. Very smokey summer skies from Durango and CA fires so looking forward to a wet, snowy, clear sky winter. 

10/02/18 02:41 PM #31    

Irene (Helen) Murphy (Hobbs)

All is well in Spring Valley, CA.  As they say, "No News is Good News".  Have been attend way too many funerals and celebrations of life ceremonies these days.  Still preparing tax returns and looking forward to what happens with the filing of the 2018 taxes.  We attended my aunt's 100th birthday in Berrville, Arkansas in June. Like most of my classmates, the last birthday brought about the three quarters of a century mark.




10/30/18 10:52 AM #32    


Louise Bonenberger (Snell)

Chuck Holly's message about memories of Tempe brought back a memory of a picture of my mom and me at the Tempe city limit sign on the cornor of Apache and McClintock approx 1951-1952. Now Tempe has better than 180,000 population, no wonder I feel lost when returning. I'm living living in a county of 40,000-60,000. Hope I entered pics correctly. Same corner looking west toward Tempe.




10/30/18 06:12 PM #33    


Chuck Holly

Very cool to see your early-day photo of that road (street) corner.  So much has changed.  Luckily, I have very clear, good memories of growing up in Tempe. Since I've moved from the beach area of So. California, I've been so happy to rekindle old friendships with our Tempe HS classmates.  Some of those I've found in the area were people that I hardly knew while a student. We live in Fountain Hills at the very east side where we are so close to the beautiful desert, easy to get to Saguaro Lake, the Salt River, and the Rim.

10/31/18 03:48 AM #34    

Pete Wood

Wow, nice photos of the street corner!  Last week I drove down Apache looking to see if the small structure that was once "Frank's Friendly Tavern"..........(near Rural Road and Apache}.  Nope, gone.  I had a couple of beers there about 4-5 yrs ago, to bring back some old memories.  I used to see some coaches of several sports there in the old days.

10/31/18 09:55 AM #35    

Dick Erickson

It’s always fun to get caught up on the ole classmates. Things are changing up here in the PNW. We have put our “The Villa at Little Cape Horn” B&B up for sale. Finally we are getting out of the wedding venue and the Bed an Breakfast business. Also we have a contest on our brewery.. should close before the end of the year.


Now we just need a rich Californian to come up and buy the Villa. If you haven’t visited you better make plans this summer. We have started construction on a garage/ Apartment to move into until we build our new retirement home. We have divided our land into 2 one acre tracts. We are building down on the Rivers Edge.


Once finished we can join all you retired folks and start traveling. I hope to be back in town next Fall.  Keep adding to the site it’s fun to see what everyone is up to.



11/01/18 06:01 AM #36    

Pete Wood

Hey Dick,  Good to hear your news.  Be careful of moving too close to water; it's risky.  but Good luck on the plans!  I was just in Tempe for the coffee last week; was hoping to see you too!  Pete Wood




11/01/18 10:21 AM #37    

Dick Erickson

Thanks Pete: we will be high and dry, building on pilings. Hope to catch up next fall. This is a beach photo of me re newing wedding vows for
my daughter and son-in-law. We did a lot of weddings.. just some cool photos of some.


11/01/18 10:21 AM #38    

Dick Erickson

Thanks Pete: we will be high and dry, building on pilings. Hope to catch up next fall. This is a beach photo of me re newing wedding vows for
my daughter and son-in-law. We did a lot of weddings.. just some cool photos of some.


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