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WEB SITE UPDATE: This web site has been fully funded and will continue thru 2032. Thanks to those classmates listed that made this possible. After 2032, we will no longer ask for support. I'll get my grandkids to take over... Dan

Any funds donated at this time will be used as "seed money" for the 60 year reunion.


•   Frank Benedict (60)  7/30
•   Gretchen Diercks (O'Neal)  8/3
•   C. S. Mabee (McFadden)  8/3
•   Ron Watson  8/5
•   Jane Rosio (McLure)  8/7
•   DyAnne McCrite  8/8
•   Michael Getz  8/9
•   Kay Johnson (Erickson)  8/10
•   Beverly Barber (Wolf)  8/12
•   Irene (Helen) Murphy (Hobbs)  8/12
•   James (Jimmy) Morales  8/14
•   Janet Straub (60) (Convertini)  8/22


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•   Diana 62 Jones (Bradley)  6/21
•   John Ellingson  6/17
•   Russell Goble  6/15
•   Bob L. Hanks (60)  6/14
•   Jim Goldman  6/14
•   Frank Benedict (60)  6/13
•   Dick Erickson  6/12
•   Eugene Othon (60)  6/11
•   Charles Thompson (60) (Thompson)  6/11
•   Herb McLure  6/9
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Tempe High School
Class Of 1961

Welcome To The Official

Tempe Union High School Class Of 1961

Reunion and Historical Site!


We welcome all fellow classmates to this site. Many former classmates were only with us for a short time. All are welcome to join our group and share memories of friends, teachers and Tempe High. Our motto "Once a Buffalo, Always a Buffalo." The herd welcomes you and is eager to see you in our future reunions and get togethers.

Joining is easy, locate your name in the "Classmate Profiles," sign in, tell us about yourself, include a photo or two, and then check out the site.


We Got the Herd Back Together

After 50 Years!

Saturday evening, a group shot before the dinner. 

Photo by Diedre Engle

For more reunion pictures, click "50 Year Reunion Pics" on the left.

We now have the "40 Year Reunion" available too.

Special Announcements!




July Birthdays

Tom Wing, 7/3

Gary Miller, 7/4

Tom Krill, 7/11

Pam Joseph, 7/12

Paul Gregan, 7/15

James (Jim) Austin, 7/16

Otto N. Rasmussen, 7/20

Kathy Curtiss (Huff), 7/21

Donald Crance, 7/26

Gilbert Valdez, 7/29

3-Class 60 year Reunion

23 March, 2021

Reunion Update

It’s time to announce our reunion hotel venue, update some activities, make advance hotel reservations with our host hotel, and travel arrangements (to Tempe) if needed.   It’s reunion time! Not just any reunion but the SIXTY (60) Year Reunion! We will have some great activities along a few unique non-traditional reunion activities for you during your stay.

The venue for the 60-year reunion will be a return to the DoubleTree by Hilton, (formerly the Fiesta Inn at the 20-year reunion) Phoenix-Tempe, 2100 South Priest Drive, Tempe, Arizona 85282.  We were able to negotiate a fantastic venue and room price for our group. Price will be $99.00/day, plus applicable taxes.  Rates includes daily breakfast, free WIFI, free parking, no resort fee(s), oh did I mention free fresh baked cookies at check-in?

DoubleTree by Hilton has also provided special concessions to our group: Guest rooms available 2 day pre-and post-contracted dates at the same low price/day.

A quick overview of our Reunion Schedule:

Thursday 10/21//2021

Hotel Check In, to allow the out of staters to adjust to the time zone.

No host Ice Breaker/Distribution of Reunion Materials

Friday: 10/22/2021

Breakfast/distribution of reunion materials

AM: Planned Reunion Activities

Lunch: No Host Activitiy

PM: Planned Reunion Activities

Dinner: No Host Activities

No Host Bar Social Activities

Saturday: 10/23/2021

Breakfast: Social activities

AM:   Tour of Tempe High School Host Jess Thomson, Eldon Smith

         Other Planned Reunion Activities

Lunch: No Host Social Activities

PM:   Planned Reunion Activities

Dinner:       Planned Group Buffett ($$) modest cost, No Host Bar

Sunday:     10/24/2021

Breakfast/Social activities.

Note:  Although not announced, opportunities for additional activities can be made available. More information will be forthcoming.

I would like to encourage everyone to take advantage of checking into the hotel for our reunion. Usually, from October 1st into late April is considered High Season which means rates and availability are at premium prices. When you make your reservations using our special link, you get the group rates and will not be charged until you check in. You will not be charged if you cancel at least 48 hours before your scheduled check-in date.

Staying at the Hotel for the reunion will be like taking a cruise, you can have a great time while enjoying the services of a helpful staff, and great times renewing longtime Tempe High friendships. Best of all, you won’t need to take Dramamine or wear a patch behind your ear to ward off sea sickness.


Reservations will be made by individuals calling the Hotel Reservations at 1-800-HILTONS (1.800.445.8667). Individuals must identify themselves as being with the group, Tempe High School 3 Class Reunion 60, 61, 62, at the time the reservation is made in order to receive the special group rate.



Simply click on the link below:



Monday, September 20, 2021 the Cut Off Date”, all unreserved rooms will be released for sale to the general public. Any reservation requests received after the “Cut Off Date” including modifications, name changes and additions for the group will be accepted on a space and rate available basis.

More information will posted as it becomes available

If you have questions or concerns, please contact:

Dan Clark, Cell: 714.865.6227

John Black, Cell: 480.202.2216


17 February 2021

Reunion Update

Greetings to all:

We are close to announcing our reunion venue for the October reunion! Special rates will include full breakfast, spacious rooms, and all the resources of the hotel. Be sure you make your reunion hotel reservations at our venue, when announced, to get special prices and features.


Many of us have started to receive COVID vaccinations to combat the possibility of infection. There are signs too, that the number of new cases is declining as fewer are being reported. Now, if the vaccine supplies continue, we may see some light at the end of the pandemic tunnel. Additionally, since our age group is among those now receiving the vaccine, we should all have the opportunity (if we elect to receive) to complete the course of vaccine.


We continue looking for members of the class of 1960 and 1962. A roster of class members (60’ & 62’) have been added to the Guest Member area to provide easier registration. By registering, future reunion information will be sent directly and allow member to member communication. It is now easier to register,

October 22nd and 23rd, 2021

Members of Tempe High Schools Class of 1961 got together in late October to put in motion plans for 60 year class reunion. A recent survey of classmates was reviewed. The survey supported the groups decision to go forward to plan a reunion now scheduled for October 22nd and 23rd, 2021. Here are some of the Goal/Objectives the group are already working on.

  • Establish a date to hold the reunion.
  • Select a venue to host the reunion.
  • Extend an open invitation to the Class of 1960 and 1962  to join us in a 60 year reunion celebration.
  • Use the Class of 1961 web site,, as a portal to coordinate participation activities, register Guest Members and distribute and other information regarding the reunion.
  • Seek assistance from classmates to have a great 60 year celebration.

The Reunion Committee of this 3-class reunion will work to:

  • Provide more time and opportunities for conversations with fellow classmates from all three classes.
  • Provide additional organized activitees to attend Local Tempe Tours, Historic sites, Visits to Tovrea Castle, Tempe History Museum or other historic sites.
  • Not have a formal dinner and program.
  • Keep costs low for increased participation

Attending and accepting various organizing tasks include: Bob Burger with his younger brother John are tasked to contact members of the Class of 1962.  John Black and Bob Mitchel will be checking for appropriate venues. Eldon Smith will be checking out possible activities/tours/visits. Dan Clark will provide assistance with internet communications and venue location. Pete Decker and Sandy Miller (Class of 1960) will be contacting their classmates. C.W, Rollins, Charles Thomson, Chuck Holly and Tom Wing are also involved with coordinating the activities for the reunion.

Monthly updates will be sent to all members and Guest Members.

Mark your calenders, make your travel plans for next October and lets have a Great reunion!

The following Tempe High School Class of 1961 contributed to keep this website shining and active until August, 2032!

Tom & Akami Krill

Billy Black

Chuck Holly

Pete Wood

Susan (Coulson) Condon

David Short

Lorene (Hancock) Eagar

Bob Mahr

Dick Erickson

Herb & Jane (Rosio) McLure

Jim & Akiko Austin

John Black

Ralph Kerfot

Louise (Bonenberger) Snell

Dena (Stormont) Lasater

Ralph Bell

Faye (Brown) Felts

Molley (Wetmore) Lowry

William Black

Irene Hobbs

William Bill Thomas

Barbara (Brock) Carlson PhD

Edward “Ed” Garcia

Sharon & Gene Carter

John Farrington