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Marjorie Artz

Marjorie Artz

07/22/11 07:47 PM
  Margie Artz and I became friends about the 3rd or 4th grade. Her sister was several years older than she was, so she was almost like an only child. Early on we discovered our mutual love of music, both playing and singing in choirs, and smaller mixed voice groups.

Margie was a loyal friend, one you could always count on to be there for you when you needed a friend, or help in any way. She even consoled me when I was taller than my 6th grade teacher! Although she was a quiet person, she had lots of friends and I can still hear her laugh and enjoy being silly at times.

We lost a wonderful person when she passed away. She had a lot of physical disabilities that made it painful for her to just BE--but she carried on always with a smile and a positive word and some scripture from the Bible and she became the strong one. I miss her.

Shirley Lay Carnes