SKYPE Phone Service.
Posted Saturday, November 27, 2010 09:37 PM

I have been using Skype for a few months now. Skype allows me to make phone calls anywhere in the U.S. for no charge. I pay a modest fee to have my own phone number and pay just a few cents for calls to numbers anywhere in the world. An additional feature is live video calls. If both parties are Skype members, there is no charge.

Last week, I called and spoke with Jim Austin. Jim lives in Japan and has a Skype account. I chatted with Jim for over a half hour, and was amazed at the picture quality. Jim sat in his home office and I could see him as clearly as if he was sitting next to me. The technology is quite amazing when you consider there was no charge or fee for the call.

Therefore, I encourage my fellow classmates to get a free Skype account to use. It's very easy to download and install and does not cost anything. It's a great way to see and chat with old friends as well as with family living far away. Paul Turner and his wife talk with their son now living in Fiji. Larry Windes has an account in Costa Rica (I did a Skype teleconference with Larry last week too). I'm sure that if you try it, you will enjoy using it too.

Just use your computer and Google "Skype." Down load the program and install.

Be sure to list your Skype address in your profile.

Dan Clark