Coffee & Conversations Update Survey

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The Fall edition of Coffee & Conversations is fast approaching.

So, what’s going on in Tempe? John Black reports he has been in contact with Panera Bread, the location we usually use. The manager advised John we are still welcome to take advantage of the inside or outside tables. It is felt that we probably should meet outdoors on the patio. We will need to follow the prevailing rules but wear masks inside when we order. I'll have Clorox Wipes, Hand Sanatizer, and a few masks available.

Personally, I’m ready for a road trip. I have made reservations at the local Best Western. But, I don’t want to make the trip if the turnout is just me. Of course the Covid 19 is also a factor. Many of us are probably still a bit weary of getting out into mixed company and some will not take the risk to attend. Please complete the following survey to help determine a head count for the October 22nd meeting.

60 year reunion update: I have Talked with Sandy Miller (Bufford, Class of 1960) and Jerry Fiedler (Class of 1962) regarding the possibility of a combined class 60 year reunion. This is just a possibility we can discuss further at the C & C. 

Please respond to the questionnaire by October 12th so a final decision can be made to go forward with the C&C event or cancel due to Covid 19 cautions.

Thanks for your input. 


Dan Clark

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1)   I will be attending the October 22nd Coffee & Conversation at Panera Bread

Yes No
2)   If your answer to the question above was NO, is the Corona 19 virus your main concern?

Yes No
3)   What are your thoughts of a combined 60 year reunion with the Classes of 1960, 1961, and 1962.

4)   What type of 60 year reunion activities should be considered? (Tours, meals, speakers, a travel reunion)