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WEB SITE UPDATE: This web site has been fully funded and will continue thru 2032. Thanks to those students listed that made this possible. After 2032, we will no longer ask for support. I'll get my grandkids to take over... Dan

Any funds donated at this time will be used as "seed money" for the 60 year reunion.


12% of all sales go directly to our class.


•   Roy Brandli  3/13
•   Laura Scott (Brow)  3/13
•   Chuck Holly  3/24


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•   Pete Wood  1/3
•   Tom Wing  12/31
•   Adriene Fry (Makula)  11/23
•   Robert A. "Al" Boze  11/8
•   Chuck Holly  9/22
•   Kristell Millan  4/5
•   James (Jim) Austin  1/4
•   James Carraway  11/14
•   Donald OToole (Tdn News Article Contributor) (OToole)  11/12
•   C. W Rollins  10/2
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Tempe High School
Class Of 1961

Welcome To The Official

Tempe Union High School Class Of 1961

Reunion and Historical Site!


We welcome all fellow classmates to this site. Many former classmates were only with us for a short time. All are welcome to join our group and share memories of friends, teachers and Tempe High. Our motto "Once a Buffalo, Always a Buffalo." The herd welcomes you and is eager to see you in our future reunions and get togethers.

Joining is easy, locate your name in the "Classmate Profiles," sign in, tell us about yourself, include a photo or two, and then check out the site.


We Got the Herd Back Together

After 50 Years!

Saturday evening, a group shot before the dinner. 

Photo by Diedre Engle

For more reunion pictures, click "50 Year Reunion Pics" on the left.

We now have the "40 Year Reunion" available too.

A recent visit to Taos New Mexico found the above image by Patrick A. Trujillo, Mixed-Media Artist. Contact Patrick at P.O Box 1704 El Prado, NM 87529 or email him at His studio is in the Pueblo. Look for Mountain Bird Singing

Special Announcements!




Spring Edition

Coffee & Conversation: April 23 2020

The Spring Coffee & Conversation meeting of the Tempe Union High School Class of 1961 (and friends of all) will be held Thursday, April 23, 2020. The location, same as previous meetings, will be held at the Panera Bread, 1825 East Guadalupe Road, Tempe. Meeting will be formally called to order at 9:00 AM but come early and stay late

Hopefully, the weather will be beautiful!

Conversation regarding a 60th reunion may resume. At the last C & C gathering, discussion was raised about a possible 60 year reunion. Several ideas were reviewed with an emphasis for a much more relaxed format. 

If you can't make Coffee & Conversation, submit your ideas using the Message Forum or User Forums on this site

See you all at the Panera, rain or shine.

P.S. We usually "pass the hat" for tips for the Panera Bread staff that puts up with us.



The following Tempe High School Class of 1961 have contributed to keep this website shining and active until August, 2032!

Tom & Akami Krill

Billy Black

Chuck Holly

Pete Wood

Susan (Coulson) Condon

David Short

Lorene (Hancock) Eagar

Bob Mahr

Dick Erickson

Herb & Jane (Rosio) McLure

Jim & Akiko Austin

John Black

Ralph Kerfot

Louise (Bonenberger) Snell

Dena (Stormont) Lasater

Ralph Bell

Faye (Brown) Felts

Molley (Wetmore) Lowry

William Black

Irene Hobbs

William Bill Thomas

Barbara (Brock) Carlson PhD

Edward “Ed” Garcia

Sharon & Gene Carter

John Farrington